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Nothing less than 100%! All our products, every single unit is passed through a serious temperature controlled storage system. 100% inspections and we will never ever ship any over stocks, overheating, frozen damaged, irregular or returned but just the most fresh has to offer. This is our promise!

We offer free one-on-one telephone and email consultations to help you with any questions you may have about anti-aging or about beauty and health in general. Please feel free to call us at: 1-212-544-0888. Take advantage of our free services to help yourself acquire more beauty and better health.

The original ABLE Ovine Placenta Stem Cells are available in liquid gel cap form. It uses the superior one and only Swiss Formulation Extracts that are available in the market nowadays. It makes use of the unparalleled hi-tech Softgel capsules that are bio active in nature. They help in slowing down the process of anti-ageing, help in tissue regeneration and overall rejuvenation. The results provided by Softgel include beautiful and younger looking skin, vibrant vitality and a fit and full of vigor life.

The Cell Therapy is now available to the common man for the first time in 70 years. This great boon is available in the form of high-tech Softgel Capsule. It is now possible to achieve its incredible benefits right from the comfort of your home. The man behind this great idea is Dr. Paul Niehans. He was inducted into the Papal Academy of Science by Pope Pius XII as he was awestruck with this phenomenal discovery. He was also made the successor to Sir Alexander Fleming who discovered Penicillin.

The Genetic Placenta Cell Therapy is now being used by many well-known celebrities, eminent politicians and the Swiss World Cup Team Members. Some of the famous personalities who have come forward and have availed the benefits of regenerative cell therapy are listed as below:

  • In order to revive their powers of concentration and physical endurance, President Eisenhower, Prime Minister Winston Churchill and De Gaulle underwent the cell regeneration therapy.
  • When Adenauer was more than 90 years old, he accredited the benefits of cell therapy that boosted his energy making him capable of leading the Republic of Germany.
  • The famous actor Charlie Chaplin was able to marry and father children beyond the age of 70 with the help of cell therapy.
  • There are numerous well renowned celebrities who visit the famous and exclusive clinics in Switzerland and administer the Anti-Ageing Live Cell Therapy. This helps in improving and prolonging their vitality thereby, keeping their appearances, natural beauty and abilities intact.

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